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Targeted Buyer Marketting

It is said that the more places a customer sees your name and offers the more relevant you become to be considered for a future purchase. Digital Automotive uses Vehicle Inventory Syndication to promote you’re your products on over 200 car sites rather than just being on one big name website for the same money. But even more than that is is important to reach out to the in-market car buyers in your area at least twice a month without the huge expense of direct mail that has a diminished return the last few years with Gifts & Gimmicks. Our secret to success here is targeted Buyer Marketing to an RL Polk database of vehicle owners they have identified as being in-market to replace or upgrade their current vehicle in three to six months.

Targeted Buyer Marketting
Campaign Evaluation Report

Let Digital Automotive show you how to reach true Conquest Buyers for incremental sales and business growth with our unique TARGETED BUYER MARKETING service. Keep your name in the buyer’s kitchen all month long with offers and incentives that drive them to your showroom. We have all done email blasts but now we will show you how to put those emails on steroids with a laser focus and industry leading targeting to amplify your R.O.I. and move more metal.

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