Payment Marketing System

Since 2007 our Payment Marketing System has been driving buyers on dealer websites to engage, convert and VISIT showrooms at incredible rates. Our high-quality Credit Pre-Qualified Finance Leads require NO SSN or DOB and don ’ t effect the consumer credit score . You will have three times the closing rates of 3rd Party Leads with a 25 -30% higher gross profits at a lower cost than buying generic new car leads! Great leads are produced right on your website from buyers that are there because they want to do business with you and are in the purchase phase of the buyi ng process. Our payment leads even contain a secure link to the shoppers Full Consumer Credit Report so you can work deals smarter before the Internet team even comes to the desk. Save all of the free typing into your DMS, OEM, RouteOne or Dealertrack system until after you have our One-Click Peek at what you are dealing with. Why pay $8 or more for a tri-bureau rep ort un necessarily when you can work from a position of strength? These are the sales leads generated and sold from our state- of-the-art website apps. This does not include sales from digital sho ppers that called in, emailed website leads, chatted or just walked in from seeing ag gressive but profitable payments on the dealer ’ s vehicle pages . Call (800) 491-7016 To Schedule Your Live Demo Today!

With our four HOT “ Virtual Sales Manager Apps ” you too can have results like this . En gag e buyers on your website that are there to do business with you. Today ’ s digital shoppers want to be in control and shorten the time needed to be in a dealership showroom and our Payment Marketing System does just that. By generating credit scored leads based on your parameters and the shoppers cash down and payment choices your clients can complete as much as 50% of t he old dealership showroom process right online 24x7 from the comfort of their home. These are the buyer s that will come to your showroom ready to finalize the deal and do a spot delivery . (See the Video )

Now you can have a “ Virtual Sales Manager ” for your existing Virtual Showroom!

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