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The study below compares one of our key dealers BDC results in 2015 after making aggressive marketing decisions in the spring of 2014 to pull away from new car lead providers and ad agency digital marketing services. The dealer has increasingly generated a higher number monthly of quality leads from in-market car buyers throughout 2015 as they continue to optimize their website and tweak the Payment Marketing and Vehicle Syndication services from Digital Automotive Network.

Dealer Case Study
  • Dover Dodge, in the report above, had a 1,581% R.O.I on our payment leads for 9-months
  • Dover profited $201,584 on the payment leads for the period - 48% of the BDC lead gross

In the spring of 2014 we spoke with Pete Milevski the Dover Dodge GM about Changing Auto Sales Forever.We found that Pete was one of those rare innovators with the vision, wisdom and nerve to stop following the pack. Pete was ready to make the changes necessary to accelerate his business. Since that time, what Pete started has made its way to the Nielsen Auto Group. Pete evolved Dover Dodge to be ahead of 2014 in sales by over 10% in 2015 on far less BDC opportunities because more people decided to engage by coming into the dealership rather than emailing, calling and chatting. Pete combed the Power of Payments AND Vehicle Inventory Syndication to drive his business. He then hired his website host to maximize his website for BUYERS and Social Media. With creative content, site SEO and optimization and attached Social Channels to make his website more engaging, sticky and compelling to visitors. Dover Dodge has exploded their showroom traffic and is impressing everyone on mobile devices & social now. Digital Dealer says that Car Shoppers visit on average just 1.2 dealership lots now in their quest to purchase a new vehicle and Dover has found a new place in their market?

The Dover Dodge Changes
  • Drive in-market buyers direct to the vehicle details pages from 200+ vehicle listing & retargeting websites
  • Show them Powerful & Profitable Payments on all SRP and VDP pages that will engage and convert them
  • Use our Virtual Sales Manager Apps that allow digital buyers to complete 50% of their purchase online .
  • Align processes with clients that do not want to disclose their SSN or DOB or effect their credit scores
  • Maximize your website content and upgrade the old non-converting generic forms with engagement

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