Advertising Analytics

Below is a six-week comparison of how a big Philadelphia Automotive Advertising Agency came into one of our dealers and convinced them to reduce their Vehicle Inventory Syndication for used cars and spend invest more than three times as much with Digital Marketing, pay Per Click ads, Retargeting and graphical banner display ads. As you can see they spent a lot more money, and although the visits went up by almost 50% to the websites those that came and actually went to a vehicle details page only went up by 13% because 75% of that traffic generation today ARE NOT IN-MARKET CAR BUYERS!!!

Advertising Analytics

If surfers on your website are not visiting vehicle pages can you really expect your car sales to grow?


NO YOU CANNOT! Ten-year-old dated search engine marketing (SEM) attracts high-funnel, long-term shoppers that in many cases are just researchers cross-shopping multiple brands and could be six months away from making a purchase decision. PPC Text & Display ads will deliver three times more traffic for the service, parts and body shop pages than for the vehicle pages that create sale opportunities. This is why we target Low-funnel, In-Market Buyers on car sites that are ready to purchase and have already selected the vehicle they want to own before coming to your website.

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