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Since 2001 Digital Automotive Network has been focused on getting dealers car leads and truck leads at the best possible cost per sale. In 2015 we are even more focused on driving today’s Digital Car Buyers to auto dealership showrooms because MOBILE DEVICES ARE HOT. Recent reports show that mobile car buyers will are submitting less website leads and even less from mobile device. Learn how to align your business with In-market Mobile Car Buyers so they want engage and submit a car lead or more importantly just come in your showroom. Digital shoppers want to be in control and come in the showroom farther ahead saving them time, aggravation and money. Digital shoppers can now do as much as 50% of the sales process right from their own home before coming to your car dealership with Digital Automotive products and complimentary consulting. With digital car buyers only visiting 1.2 dealers in their quest to buy a car don’t you want that dealership to be yours?

Learn the Digital Automotive Network secrets that help select US Auto Dealers optimize their advertising spend to sell more new cars and used cars faster at a better profit FOR LESS. We put car dealer websites on steroids by teaching them how to generate amazing Credit Pre-Qualified leads, Special Finance Leads, New Car Leads, Used Car Leads, Truck Leads, Sub-Prime Leads and Trade-in leads right from their own website. Cut back on buying expensive 3rd party leads with a high cost per sale and low closing rate. Dealers can now produce NO SSN / DOB car leads right on their website at the fraction of the cost. Buyers are on dealership websites because they want to do business with them and we know the secrets to get them to convert into sales opportunities. The leads we help dealers produce on their site even come with one-click credit report access for secure credentialed dealers and an ROI of over 2,000% in most cases.

Auto dealers today do not need or want new car leads, chats and calls as much as they want buyers in their SHOWROOMS working deals! The Internet Teams are setup to play all the digital games so the pros in the showroom can just sell more cars but the 15-year old model is broken. Digital Automotive Network is making car dealership showroom busy again by giving serious car buyers the tools and apps on dealer websites and mobile to enter the showroom farther down the sales process with our “Virtual Sales Manager Apps” which complements their virtual showroom. Dealers that are ready for change and want to stop following ad agencies, digital marketers, OEM’s and their competition are contacting Digital Automotive to learn where Auto Sales are going in this new Digital Age.

The days of buying junk leads at a high cost with a terrible close rate and low profit are over. Leading auto dealers are now shifting their digital spend to reach in-market buyer by advertising their exact inventory where car buyers shop rather than advertise simple text & display messages on search engines which primarily attract researchers and shoppers who are months away from a purchase. Educated and progressive dealer’s know that only 25% of that traffic from search engine ads will even go to a dealer’s website Vehicle Details Pages because they are not car buyers but on the website for so many other reasons. Auto dealers are growing tired of all the fancy Google Analytics reports showing the great traffic they get while their new car sales and used cars sales numbers continue to dwindle and they miss their factory objectives.

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