It’s not about spending more – it’s all about optimizing to SELL MORE!

Let us show you how to Target Market “In-Market Car Buyer’s” form all over the web redirect them to your Vehicle Details Pages and to engage and convert to an opportunity using our amazing Payment Marketing System Auto Dealer websites that are energized visited by Digital Car buyers that are ready to purchase sell more cars. Create high-quality sales opportunity for your car dealership with the Digital Automotive Network Website Marketing. We’ll promote your website on over 200 Inventory & Retargeting sites. Stop following the pack or advertising generic keyword-based text ads on search engines which only bring buyers to your website 25% of the time. Our dealers are increasing their sales by as much as 100% at a lower cost per sale and reducing their new and used vehicle days on lot by over 50%! Digital Automotive Network is “Changing Auto Sales Forever.”

We partner with U.S. Car Dealers not with OEM’s, Digital Agencies or their Competition all trying to brand their name and increase their sales! Digital Auto dealers will teach you how to induce digital car buyers, on your websites, to come out of stealth mode and convert into sales opportunities. Our website tools and apps will explode your showroom traffic, produce high quality New Car Leads and generate profitable Used Car Leads while providing top quality credit pre-qualified finance and special finance leads – with NO SSN or DOB required. Check out our many REFERENCES page and see how Digital Automotive Network has been helping auto dealers succeed in the digital age since 2001.

Manufacturers and dealers invest billions each year advertising silly text ads and graphics on search engines while reports show that less than 30% of these visitors go to a dealers vehicle details pages (VDP’s) because they are not car buyers. At Digital Automotive Network, 100% of our visitors go directly to VDP pages, from over 200 vehicle inventory listing sites, because they are car buyers on car sites – not High-Funnel researchers on search sites! 71% of Google car shoppers go to vehicle inventory sites to find the car they want to own. Website engagement, sales and profits all increase by Target Marketing directly to “Low-Funnel” In-Market Car Buyers where they shop!

Sell more for less today!


  • Install website tools and apps for digital shoppers to complete more of the buying process online
  • Target Market to “Low-funnel” In-Market Car Buyers and send directly to a vehicle detail page
  • Optimize & Diversify the digital marketing spend to maximize car sales at a lesser cost

The days of buying generic, low close rate leads, which are also sold to local competitors, are over! Paying big money each month to be on one Big Name Website continues to provide a diminished return. Advertising on flooded search engines with text & display ads has increased in cost by 75% over the last five years and the competition for keywords continues to drive costs up with a lesser return.
Let us show you how to double your website sales opportunities and explode showroom visits. It’s time to Drive More Car Buyers to your website rather just surfers looking to find a phone number for your parts department, service department, body shop or office staff.

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